The Performing Arts Project


The Performing Arts Project's mission is to guide a new generation of performing artists as they learn from — and collaborate with — their world-class faculty of working professionals. They use and discover innovative teaching techniques that ignite curiosity, inspire confidence, and promote risk-taking because we believe the world needs art made by bold, compassionate people who are a credit to the community they serve.



Emily here!

As you may know, my heart has and will always belonged to the arts. Before becoming The Good Hippie, I received my BFA in dance performance and danced professionally. 

If you haven't checked out my blog post about why I do what I do, please do so! 

I've partnered up with The Performing Arts Project, a nonprofit that stole my heart with their NYC show Let Me Try That Again.

Let Me Try That Again is a fundraiser show that is put on annually by TPAP to raise money for scholarships. Their dream is to someday be completely tuition free. Each year of their 10 year existence, they've increased the number of scholarships, but due to COVID they've lost many of their biggest fundraising opportunities.

COVID has decimated many industries and the arts is no exception. We all desperately want our lives to go back to normal. But an under appreciated, though essential, industry like the arts and entertainment will be difficult to resurrect. Artists already have the odds stacked against them in terms of funding and resources, and COVID has put all artists at a disadvantage.  I want to make that fight easier for emerging artists so we have something to come back to, something to look forward to, and something to be proud of when we can all celebrate together. 

This collection is designed to support The Performing Arts Project so we can continue to live our lives, which are made more beautiful by art.


50% of all proceeds will go directly to their scholarships and programs.