Be Brave Muscle Rub


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O V E R V I E W : 

Our muscle rub is a blend of pure, nourishing botanicals oils + pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory essential oils. It creates a powerful massage oil that helps ease the discomfort of painful muscles & joints. 

Inspired by The Performing Arts Project, a 501c3, to support the arts during the difficult economic times.

TPAP's mission is to guide a new generation of performing artists as they learn from — and collaborate with — their world-class faculty of working professionals. They use and discover innovative teaching techniques that ignite curiosity, inspire confidence, and promote risk-taking because they believe the world needs art made by bold, compassionate people who are a credit to the community they serve.

50% of all proceeds will go to The Performing Arts Project

K E Y   I N G R E D I E N T S :

CLOVE ESSENTIAL OIL: Assists in alleviating pain thanks to it's analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

GINGER ESSENTIAL OIL: Also has analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties that when topically massaged, aids in relieving pain.  It is also believed that ginger can reduce prostaglandins, which are the compounds associated with pain. 

HELICHRYSUM: Decreases muscle pain by lowering swelling, inflammation, and improving circulation.

SWEET MARJORAM: An analgesic that has a warming effect which improves circulation, relieving pain.

SAFFLOWER OIL: Enables the skin to retain moisture and hydration, lending a healthy glow, increased elasticity, and smooth texture.

GRAPESEED OIL:  A light oil that is readily absorbed into the skin, providing long-lasting moisture, protection, and nourishment.

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Treating restless leg syndrome

I have restless leg syndrome that comes and goes. The Good Hippie Be Brave Muscle Rub is the only product that really helps this issue.