Planet Hugs

Planet Hugs

Hey everyone! 

I'm not one to make a big deal about Earth Day. Our day to day practices in and out of the studio are already obnoxiously dedicated to being environmentally conscious.

Every element of TGH is all about raising the industries standards. If all companies adopted these kinds of practices, imagine the change we could make together! Imagine a world in which all of your products could be safe for our planet, our homes, and our landfills. It takes a revolution. It takes consumers to make more responsible decisions when choosing body care, facial care, and home care products. 

We can't do this alone!

Because we are constantly striving to be better, to lessen our waste, to choose better ingredients and packaging, nothing really changes a "holiday" around here. I do, however, think it's a great opportunity to outline what exactly we do to celebrate our planet!


I love talking about our packaging because there are SO many elements to it.

  • All jars, bottles, and droppers are glass
  • Labels are made of stone (combination of calcium carbonate and resin)
  • Paper tubes to lessen shipping materials
  • Paper tubes that can be reused, repurposed, recycled, or given back to TGH at public shows
  • Biodegradable bubble wrap, or reuse any bubble wrap we receive in our shipments from our eco-friendly vendors


How I manufacture:

  • only use stainless steel bowls, wood or stainless steel utensils, and cloth towels
  • only use sustainably sourced and ethically sourced essential oils and ingredients that could otherwise deforestation contributors
  • never any waste from a batch- if any there is any amount of a recipe left over, it is saved in a sealed container to be used in the next recipe
  • our trashcan is rarely used, rarely emptied, and any packaging from ingredients is repurposed or recycle


Day to day practices:

  • free of any animal products and animal testing- livestock is a GIGANTIC carbon emissions contributor
  • responsibly sourced ingredients to ensure our products aren't contributing to deforestation or disrupting the environment
  • separating all materials that can be reused or recycled and finding creative ways to never throw anything away that will go into a landfill
  • finding new ways to create zero waste products



While all of our products are miles ahead of the commercial products that are widely available- here are our hero products for our planet:


Never use:
Plastic exfoliants
Plastic jars and bottles
Disposable or one time use materials to manufacture 
Animal products or products tested on animals
Unnatural ingredients or harmful chemicals that would harm the environment after use
Unnecessary bubble wrap when shipping due to our paper tubes that can also be recycled or repurposed
What are you doing to help the planet?! Share it with us! 


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Amy July 6 2020

Love this “no waste” approach! I strive to do better by eliminating plastic use around my home. It’s a hard habit to break but I’m striving to do better!

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