DIY Facial Steam

DIY Facial Steam
DIY Quarantine Time!
Yeah, we're all in a pickle. We're all in it together. And now, we can take this time to actually connect with each other and our bodies. 

As promised, I'm sharing some easy DIYs with you to fill your day with a little more self-care and a little less stress. STAY IN. If you do not have the ingredients to complete a step- WHO CARES! This is so much more about creating the time for yourself. 

This DIY is going to be the loosest, suggestion based DIY ever.  Have fun!

BENEFITS of a facial steam:

Facial steams relax the muscle in your face, open and cleanse  pores, hydrate your skin, prep your face for some serious DIY facial routines, enhances circulation, helps with congestion, and it helps all of your magical products sink into your skin deeper! Also, it helps my tension headaches. 
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Here's what you "need": 

  • a stove or hot plate
  • a pyrex
  • water (distilled or WHATEVER)
  • a oven glove or something to put a hot pyrex on
  • a BIG towel, or sheet
  • herbal tea or green tea
  • flowers like chamomile, lavender, roses, nettle, yarrow, hibiscus, chrysanthemum (dried or fresh)
  • 1-3 drops of essential oils like geranium, rose, lavender, neroli- I mean, whatever you have in that weird drawer next to your dusty diffuser. 
Things to avoid to protect your eyes:
  • spicy teas
  • cloves
  • too much citrus 

Get creative! Let me know what you got in your cabinet.
Now you have all of your things, right? 
Maybe you all you have is a stove, a pot, and a big towel. We can make it work. You can still steam your face and then go about treating yourself to a nice routine facial cleanser. 

Why don't you do this all the time? Because you're not in quarantine all the time. And let's face it, self-care is rarely a priority.  That's no longer an excuse.

OKAY OKAY OKAY! Let's start steamin'.


I like to put my steams in a double broiler type of situation because clean up is easier and I'm not contaminating my pot. PLUS I'm not holding onto a really hot pot or putting said hot pot too close to my body.

Step one:
Fill up your pyrex at least 16 oz, pot (that you're cool with cleaning)

Step two:
Bring your water to a boil

Step three:
Throw in your flowers, herbal tea, and essential oils (or just one of whatever you have on hand, or just water- who cares!)

Step four:
Take your pyrex out of pot with an oven glove and place on a thick towel, another oven glove to protect your surfaces and your pyrex/pot

Step five:
Sit at the table with a towel covering your head and shoulders and pot to contain the steam

Step six:
CHILL until your water cools and stops producing steam


Instead of sitting at a table, I like putting my pyrex on a chair while I sit on the ground in various yoga positions (it's the yoga teacher in me) to stretch my lower body. Gently opening your hips, hamstrings, and relaxing your back and shoulders. I'll prop my upper body up on my elbows on the chair.

Step seven:
Email me and tell me how you feel. Better right? :)
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Alright, love bugs, keep spreading the joy!

All the warm and fuzzies, 

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